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Loss of employment: how to pay off debts when you are unemployed?


Losing a job is, for many of us, a delicate situation to manage. Faced with this financial loss, we often have the same constraints: how to go through this period while paying off its debts? Between daily expenses, loans and other bad credits or bills to pay, it is not always easy to adjust your [...]

Loss of employment: how to pay off debts when you are unemployed?2019-06-19T18:12:40+00:00

Are credit cards dangerous for your financial health?


Is it good to have a credit card? Although 58% of Canadians repay their entire monthly balance, it is difficult to deal with this additional financial management. This sometimes results in a multiplication of credit cards, or even situations of over-indebtedness. So, is not it advisable to have credit cards , or not? The risks associated with [...]

Are credit cards dangerous for your financial health?2019-06-12T23:22:32+00:00

Why is it important to know your level of debt?


Want to take a vacation in Europe, buy your first condominium, or just make an unexpected purchase? In short, you have new projects in mind; but before getting a loan, have you thought about checking your debt ratio? Few people do it, and yet it is important to know this parameter before considering applying for a credit, [...]

Why is it important to know your level of debt?2019-06-19T18:15:28+00:00

Bad shopping habits: how to fix it?


There are expenses that we can consider useful, while others are less so. Impulse buying and excessive spending are the most obvious symptoms of a bad habit of consumption that can be detrimental to your financial situation. This financial routine that can take place, can in the long run, increase your debt, negatively affect your credit [...]

Bad shopping habits: how to fix it?2019-06-14T11:38:44+00:00

Loan without documents to provide


The loan without documents to provide is for many the financial solution dreamed. It allows people with bad credit or who do not wish to benefit from the monetary support they need without discrimination. However, it is still necessary to provide some important documents during your application. What are they ? Are they easy to [...]

Loan without documents to provide2019-06-19T18:18:08+00:00

Tips to fight the debt caused by the use of credit cards


Not surprisingly, most people in precarious financial situations say they would like to find a quick way to pay off their credit card balances. However, when the pressure of different creditors begins to be felt, it can be difficult to put in place strategies to achieve this. If you are dealing with a debt problem [...]

Tips to fight the debt caused by the use of credit cards2019-06-19T18:19:43+00:00

5 tips to buy a food truck


Choosing a "Food Truck with the best rate" is first and foremost about understanding that your vehicle is both the soul of the project and your body. This means that the truck must not only be able to visually reflect the spirit of your concept, but also above all be practical and make your life [...]

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Buying a truck is not an innocuous act, much less obvious in any case than the purchase of a particular car. So you have to follow a number of steps when buying your truck . Before embarking on such an investment, whether you are a private or professional buyer, it is first necessary to think carefully about the meaning and [...]

USEFUL TIPS FOR BUYING A TRUCK2019-06-12T22:32:23+00:00

Manage your cash flow serenely


Banks or credit institutions offer many short-term credit specific to businesses: bank loan, overdraft, cash facility or discount, factoring, Dailly transfer, etc. The offers and the conditions of granting vary according to the banks. A review of the different financial options available to small businesses. Cash: the different credit options rv financing usa el compadre trucks rcd [...]

Manage your cash flow serenely2019-06-12T22:28:32+00:00

Overview of financing for entrepreneurs


This panorama is presented in three parts: - The starting capital, which is the day of creation the equity of your company. - The search for investors to strengthen your own funds. - Loans, which will allow you to complete your financing plan if your own funds are insufficient. Note: unlike loans, which are inherently [...]

Overview of financing for entrepreneurs2019-06-19T18:21:15+00:00