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Collect your paycheck early


Instead of getting a payday loan to proceed to your next salary, you should determine whether you might be able to collect your salary early. If you work for a large company, go to human resources and ask if you can get an advance on your salary. If you work for a small company, you [...]

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Borrow from friends and family


In some ways, borrowing money from friends and family is the best deal you can get on a loan. People who care about you will probably not disappoint you if you are in need. They probably also give you enough time to pay it back and make it easy for you if you miss a payment. Sometimes they [...]

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Go to your bank


If you can get one, a personal loan without collateral from a bank or a credit union is a much better deal than a payday loan. The interest is much lower, and you have more time to pay it back. According to the Federal Reserve, the average interest rate on a personal two-year loan was 9, 75% [...]

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Use Online Lenders


If you cannot get a loan from your local bank, you can search online. Many internet financers offer small, short-term loans, even for lenders. Some sites to check are: MyCashBorrow . This website is not a lender, but helps borrowers with a low income to find loans. When you complete an application at, the site finds lenders who are [...]

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All about Personal loan


Do you use a personal/payday loan, or do you have it in mind to finance a car? It is a form of borrowing money where you choose a fixed interest rate and a fixed term that you can agree with the bank in advance. You cannot just repay early, but you already know that your monthly payments [...]

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Loss of employment: how to pay off debts when you are unemployed?


Losing a job is, for many of us, a delicate situation to manage. Faced with this financial loss, we often have the same constraints: how to go through this period while paying off its debts? Between daily expenses, loans and other bad credits or bills to pay, it is not always easy to adjust your [...]

Loss of employment: how to pay off debts when you are unemployed?2019-06-19T18:12:40+00:00

Are credit cards dangerous for your financial health?


Is it good to have a credit card? Although 58% of Canadians repay their entire monthly balance, it is difficult to deal with this additional financial management. This sometimes results in a multiplication of credit cards, or even situations of over-indebtedness. So, is not it advisable to have credit cards , or not? The risks associated with [...]

Are credit cards dangerous for your financial health?2019-06-12T23:22:32+00:00

Why is it important to know your level of debt?


Want to take a vacation in Europe, buy your first condominium, or just make an unexpected purchase? In short, you have new projects in mind; but before getting a loan, have you thought about checking your debt ratio? Few people do it, and yet it is important to know this parameter before considering applying for a credit, [...]

Why is it important to know your level of debt?2019-06-19T18:15:28+00:00

Bad shopping habits: how to fix it?


There are expenses that we can consider useful, while others are less so. Impulse buying and excessive spending are the most obvious symptoms of a bad habit of consumption that can be detrimental to your financial situation. This financial routine that can take place, can in the long run, increase your debt, negatively affect your credit [...]

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Loan without documents to provide


The loan without documents to provide is for many the financial solution dreamed. It allows people with bad credit or who do not wish to benefit from the monetary support they need without discrimination. However, it is still necessary to provide some important documents during your application. What are they ? Are they easy to [...]

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