RV Loan Providers is an unrivaled player in the automotive field in Quebec. We bring together reputable automotive dealers, such as Ste-Foy Toyota, Laurier Mazda, and Option Subaru, as well as a firm specializing in automotive financing that has become the benchmark in this commercial sector. Because with more than twenty years of experience, Groupe Saillant Auto Créditgoes beyond auto loan and second chances to credit. We allow you to restore your credit through adapted and flexible financing. A solution is first found to your credit situation, no matter how complex, then our car credit experts will look to reduce the interest rate initially set. This will gradually restore your credit.


Two private companies look at credit files in Canada: Trans-Union and Equifax. Their offices receive data from creditors, including different credit ratings. There is a rating of “R” (0 to 9) for revolving credit (e.g., credit cards), “I” for a car loan, “M” for a mortgage and “O” for a margin clear credit. With all the data they get, Trans-Union and Equifax establish a credit report and score (between 300 and 900). The better a credit report (high score), the easier it is to get credit and attractive interest rates.


Life makes sure that the desired financial stability is not always there. Bad luck, termination of employment, over-indebtedness, bankruptcy …, several circumstances can come to affect a credit report. But the poor quality of the latter is not irreparable. It is indeed possible to reverse the trend. Improve or rebuild your credit report is slow, but as for savings, every move counts.
Moreover, a long credit history, that is to say, accounts that you have been paying for a long time and that allows the assessors to see the profile of repayments better, positively influence your score. So you have to show that, year in, year out, you are honoring your commitments. Indebted, but constant in your payments. In this respect, thanks to group Saillant Auto Crédit, besides being able to have an automobile for your projects, you add consistency to your credit history.

The credit file is partly based on one or more credit ratings from lending companies. This rating is a variable that enters into the calculation of the interest rate offered, and it can tilt the balance between a credit acceptance or not.

In the area of ​​bank loans and credit, shortcomings are generally penalized. Your payment history must be as transparent as possible. Avoid delays in the payment of balances due. After 30 days, the suspension is automatically entered on your listing sheet. The longer the delays, the more the damage is extended (bad debt). Another negative element is the excessive weight of the credit used (over 50%) compared to the limit of your margin or your credit card, even if you make a monthly payment of the minimum balance due.

The decline in your credit rating can also be caused by your success in obtaining credit! It is in the medium and long-term that everything can turn sour. There is a difference between having multiple sources of credit and using all these sources. As creditors believe that the risk of critical debt increases with the number of lenders, it is better to limit the number of your accounts to preserve your credit rating.

The fall in the vicious circle of credit can be insidious, because every time you look for credit, a note is recorded in your file, regardless of the success of your approach. The more you search, the lower your rating, and the smaller it is, the less likely you are to find an acceptable source of funding. A spiral which includes costs such as consumers who seek the right and left of the two e three e and four the credit chances to have “at any price” of an automobile.

At Groupe Saillant Auto Crédit, we have a realistic and constructive approach. Our experts are focused on stabilizing and improving credit rather than helping to make chain financing.

Some consumers will have the reflex to seek financing outside the banking system too, they believe, to preserve their credit record. This is the case in the automotive field. However, by lending credit in this way, the “autonomous” financing companies deprive them of the possibility of showing that they demonstrate stability (payments) and improve their confidence. Also, it must be noted that these organizations often have the objective of finding multiple credit applicants for the same car, relying on the fact that customers will fail in their payments. The automobile is thus taken back and resold (on credit) to the next person whose finances are also fragile, and so on.

The Auto Credit does not act in this way. We support our clients in their approach and stabilization. We aim to develop a business relationship with them that will evolve over the long term. We aren’t trying to take advantage of credit applicants, but to find a win-win solution. We are associated with severe car dealers, and we put our customers in trust; we are therefore setting realistic goals for them. Thus supervised by a credit company recognized, reliable and transparent, and the moment they are regular in their payments, our customers see their credit rating back up. That’s the credit recovery.


Once the requester contacts one of our credit experts, he or she will briefly evaluate what needs to be done and then schedule a meeting with the customer at the branch. It will discuss further credit demand, credit history, and target needs. During this first meeting, no car offer is made to the customer. The bank must first analyze its file and set the limits and general conditions of credit. This is the way to proceed for sound management of the data.

But remember that the more credit applications are refused the more the credit rating of the customer is affected. It is therefore essential to document and adjust the shot well from the start. The Group Auto Credit works council mode and not in pulse mode. Our credit experts know how to handle requests and credit files, for example, by correcting possible errors or making the necessary updates that can raise the rating. Questions are asked, of course, but the information gathered is always used to expand the file. More documentation is required in severe cases. The information or documents needed during the meeting are as follows:

the reasons or causes of the more precarious financial situation;
credit history, credit history;
employment, contracts, etc .;
salary, income, etc .;
pay stubs;
the registration certificate of the previous vehicle;
bank statements in some cases;
Driving license;
electricity bills to validate the home (for difficult circumstances only);
the type of vehicle sought (without going into details);
A turnkey service to restore your credit
After the first meeting with one of our specialized auto loan agents (receipt of the relevant information, documents, and evidence) and once the credit approval application form has been completed, you do not have to anything more to do. Groupe Saillant Auto Crédit is responsible for all subsequent steps. And as soon as the answers come from the financial institution arrivals, a second meeting is set so that you take notice of your options and rates offered.

Groupe Saillant Auto Crédit will in the meantime have the latitude to prepare the car which he believes is logically intended for you in light of the information obtained. Another car is also waiting for you to make a choice. Upon your arrival, a test drive is, of course, offered to guide you in your decision. Following are the discussions surrounding the price and terms of payment. You can even (except exception) take possession of your new vehicle the same day or the next day. The first payment is usually due within two weeks. The bank very rarely requires a first cash payment from the outset. It should be noticed that the customer must pay registration fees.

In cases where there are no significant complications, for example, a client who has been out of business for three months, the whole process lasts only two or three days. More complex cases will take a week, with banks doing more in-depth checks on employment earnings. The worst-case scenario: about three weeks.

Auto credit, but not at any price!
Groupe Saillant sells more than 4,000 new vehicles a year. It is a reliable, reputable company with excellent customer service. Part of our business is related to specialized automobile financing (200 credit recoveries annually). We are not dealers of illusions; we accompany our clients with realism and competence so that the auto solutions that we offer them correspond to their financial situation. They, therefore, take the path of controlling their credit. The car financing they receive becomes a real lever.

Moreover, integrating the Toyota Ste-Foy, Laurier Mazda, Option Subaru, and Ste-Foy Scion car dealerships allows us to offer the most exceptional used vehicles on the market. Indeed, these vehicles often come from customers having bought their new vehicle from our dealers. Cars that had a warranty (some extended), which were tracked and maintained. As for the cars received in exchange, if they do not meet our criteria as to the state of the bodywork and the mechanics, they take the direction of the auction. And if there is a lot of repairs to be done, these cars are sold to independent businesses.

With Groupe Saillant, there is no bad surprise. Not only are we rigorous in automotive financing, but our certified products are systematically inspected, prepared, gleaming. Nine times out of ten, our customers “leave” with new cars (built in 2011 and later).

Do you need a car according to your needs and restore your credit? Contact us now