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Choosing the car of your dreams is not an easy task, especially for the price of these precious vehicles. Therefore, you must review what are the key points so that you can buy that car that you want so much:

  1. Looking for a model of the year

If you are looking to not completely affect your finances, perhaps it is better to consider buying a model from previous years. Looking for a new car? Don't worry; at the dealerships, you can find models past 0 km. Choosing these types of models will help your pocket since they are usually cheaper.

  1. Look for financing offers in the bank where you receive your payroll

If you receive your salary or if you have a credit card in a bank, the idea is that you apply for the credit in the same institution, since you could access preferential rates and receive other benefits. In case you cannot access these benefits because you do not have a credit card or receive a salary in an entity that does not grant this type of credit, remember that you must compare the alternatives and have at least 3 options to be more sure that you are taking a good one decision when deciding on any entity.

  1. That your debt occupies less than 40% of your income

If you already have outstanding debts and are looking for financing to buy a car, you must make sure that the sum of all these pending payments does not exceed 40% of the income you receive each month since otherwise, you will end up over-indebted.

  1. Evaluate the down payment and the loans that offer you 100% financing

Some entities may offer you 100% financing, which may attract your attention; however, this will affect your pocket if you do not pay attention to interest. In these cases, it is recommended that you give as a down payment as much money as possible to reduce a little the debt that you will have for a few years.

  1. Use your bonus and any extra money

If you have to pay your fees during the time you receive some extra money, it is recommended that you use it to pay off your debt. In this way, the interest you will pay will be reduced, and you will finish paying the loan in less time.

Remember that you must pay close attention when applying for a car loan to protect your finances. Similarly, after obtaining it, you must also take special care not to imbalance your finances.

Initial fee

For many, applying for a car loan is still a distant dream, since they do not have the initial fee that entities generally request and that has a value of between 10% or 20% of the car's value.

One of the new possibilities offered by financial institutions is to be able to request the loan without the initial fee; However, to access this benefit, it is necessary to take into account the following: