Personal or Car loan for single persons

To lend money for car loan or personal loan to private individuals who are unknown to you has evolved into a market segment of your own in recent years. Online platforms such as auxmoney bring together private borrowers and private lenders. The involvement of several private investors in a loan project makes it easier to realize larger sums. The interest rate for the installment loan is designed relatively freely. But it is not quite as easy as it sounds, because the borrower has to describe his loan request in detail and the creditworthiness is not ignored even with a personal loan. If he can present his credibility credible, serious and convincing, increase the chances that find private investors.

Single parents, whether women or men, often find themselves in a difficult economic situation. Depending on the age of the child, they can earn only limited income. Tasks that would otherwise take over the partner, they do alone, which in turn reduces the career opportunities.

Personal loans for single mothers with bad credit: If a job due to the child care is out of the question, then only the unemployment benefit II remains, which, as everyone knows, ensures the very necessary standard of living. A car or personal loan for single parents can be realized under these perspectives usually only by the fulfillment of certain conditions, even loans for single mothers with bad credit and no bank account are possible.

Lending to single parents – collateral and guarantors

It is at the discretion of each bank whether a car loan or a personal loan is granted to the single mother or father. First of all, the general credit conditions such as age of majority, income situation and creditworthiness are scrutinized. If, for example, the income is very low, it can be checked whether collateral such as real estate ownership exists. Alternatively, the guarantee by a third party for the borrower’s credit obligations is one way to obtain the loan for single parents. If both options are eliminated, lending is usually not possible. When a loan is approved, it is often a small loan, which amounts to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

Information about the creditworthiness

In order to get an idea of ​​the creditworthiness of the borrower, various aspects are examined by banks and credit institutions. In addition to income and collateral queries, such as the Schufa, on current loans, payment and payment behavior on the agenda. A loan for the lone father with bad credit is therefore out of the question. On the internet there are also credit providers who offer the credit for single parents without Schufa, but this does not necessarily mean that no credit check, because the Schufa is just one of many service providers in the segment of credit protection. Online loans without credit checks are to be considered with caution anyway, because they often show up with high interest rates and gagging conditions.