Instead of getting a payday loan to proceed to your next salary, you should determine whether you might be able to collect your salary early. If you work for a large company, go to human resources and ask if you can get an advance on your salary. If you work for a small company, you must approach the owner.

A salary advance is not the same as a loan. Usually, when you get an advance, you only collect the money for work you’ve already done. So for example, if your payment period is two weeks and you have worked a week since your last salary, you can collect half of your next income.

An advance on the payroll can also hurt you and help you. Taking an advance means that your next salary will be short, so you will have to pay your usual bills with less money. If you can’t do that, you may have to go back to your boss for the next step and eventually fall further behind. To prevent this, many employers limit the number of advances that you can take to one or two per year.

Companies can also have other rules about salary advances. Some grant them only to employees who have been employed for a certain time. Others ask you to show that you need the money for an emergency admission. Sometimes employers offer short-term, low-interest loans instead of advances.

If you can’t make progress with your boss, you can do the same through an app called Activehours. You simply send a photo of your timesheet to show how many hours you have worked. The company deposits your payment for those hours into your bank account, up to a maximum of $ 100 per day. When your salary arrives, Activehours takes the money you’ve already paid directly from your account.

At first glance this looks a lot like a flash credit. You always get a lump sum that you all have to pay at the same time, automatically. The big difference is that with Activehours you don’t have to pay huge costs – or whatever costs. You can give the company a “tip” for its service if you want, but you have to decide how much.

So far, Activehours is the only online service that offers progress in payroll administration. There are other online services that offer payday loans, but these have the same high costs as storefront payday loans.