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An electric car is better for the environment and often cheaper to use than a petrol car. For example, you do not pay BPM when purchasing an electric car and charging is cheaper than a refueling. But the purchase of an electric car has a considerable price tag. Think of 20,000 euros to a ton. You probably don't just have this lying around. Borrowing money for your electric car is then a solution.

Loan options for electric Tesla

Financing an electric car like a Tesla is done by leasing or taking out a personal loan, just like with a petrol car. Leasing is usually done through the dealer. The disadvantage is that the dealer has agreements with one lender and that you probably do not get the most favorable deal. Always compare yourself first whether the lease offer from the dealer is cheaper than borrowing from a bank or credit company.

Tips for electric car loan

Saving money on the loan for your electric car is easier than you think. We are happy to help you with these tips:

1. With which loan you can finance an electric car

If you  want to borrow money for a car  from a bank or credit company, a  personal loan is  the most suitable loan. You borrow an amount at a fixed rate, so you know exactly how much you spend on the loan each month and when you have finished paying off. Well organized.

2. Choose the term of an electric car loan

With a personal loan for an electric Tesla, you agree on a term with the lender. The longer the term, the lower the interest. But it is more sensible to adjust the duration to the life of your electric car. After all, you don't want to be left with a loan if the car has already had its best time.

3. Look beyond your own bank

Most people who take out a  loan  for an electric car go straight to the bank where they also have their current account. This is usually not beneficial. Large banks demand higher interest rates than smaller online credit companies. A good comparison saves you a lot of money here.

4. Insure your electric car all risk

If you borrow money for your electric car, we always recommend all-risk coverage for your car insurance. This ensures that if, for example, your Tesla hits a total loss or is stolen, you will receive enough money to pay off the loan. That way you won't be left with a debt.

Special green car loan for Tesla?

ABN AMRO and ING previously offered special green car loans. With such a green car loan you got a discount on the interest. This encouraged electric driving. However, these special green car loans are no longer offered by the banks.

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