Becoming an owner of a campervan or caravan is synonymous with freedom: you can leave on vacation and skim the roads without having to worry about where you will stay or other logistical problems. Choosing a campervan is the choice to be able to drive anywhere without worries: you can camp next to a lake or a river, enjoy a beautiful view of mountain peaks or enjoy the tranquility of a nature park … with the campervan traveling around is synonymous with adventure!

Campervans and mobile homes are sometimes confused. The word mobile home can literally be translated by “mobile” “house”. This is, therefore, a residential caravan/caravan, and therefore not a camper van.

Previously, traveling with the caravan was considered a boring way of traveling, reserved for older people. Today, more and more young people and families with children find it an interesting travel formula: not only can you enjoy freedom and comfort in this way, but it is also a cheaper way to travel.

Financing a caravan: the bad credit rv loan and Old RV Dealers

If you are also charmed by the motorhome and are considering buying one, you have probably already come to the conclusion that buying a campervan costs a lot of money and therefore requires a considerable investment, and whether you choose a new one or for a second-hand. Most buyers, therefore, take out a loan to finance their dream.

The camper/caravan loan is the most popular financial solution for the purchase of a motorhome. It is a leisure loan that lends you money for a specific purpose, with a fixed interest rate and term.

With this type of loan, you can finance 100 percent of the total amount without personal contribution and without compulsory insurance, depending on the model you want to purchase. The total term of such a loan can be up to 120 months.

You can also call on a finance broker who can obtain the cheapest motorhome loan for you. Moreover, thanks to this broker you will be able to avoid certain traps, and you will also often get the best interest rate because the broker negotiates with the banks and credit institutions.

Using a broker is also interesting because you can save a lot of time in this way, and you do not have to worry about the administrative burden. The broker is involved in all the formalities concerning your credit file.

Most of the credit institutions offer specific financing formulas to make it possible for you to finance your motorhome. Because there is usually a substantial amount that you have to repay over a long period, we strongly recommend that you take the time to compare the different offers before taking out such a loan. On Mijnfinancië you can now compare the different interest rates and also determine your repayment capacity: all you have to do is click a few times!