Can you buy a car without an initial? What are the points you should consider when looking for vehicle financing? Jorge Gamarra, manager of Interbank Loans and Agreements, brings you the answers to these and other questions.

The rates for a vehicle credit vary from one person to another, as they depend on several factors such as your customer profile, the amount of financing, the term, the down payment, your ability to pay, the level of indebtedness, your credit history. And also if you have other products with the bank where you will make the transaction.

In our case, our Payroll and CTS account customers enjoy preferential rates.

According to Jorge, “also, we have benefits that include advice and the possibility of making prepayments without any penalty. Our service is personalized, with different channels of attention, and stands out for the speed of disbursement. ”

Additional expenses Find out about the costs that you will have to assume to maintain your new car, such as the type of fuel, the cost of vehicle insurance, the annual vehicle tax, monthly maintenance, among others.

After-sales service
Remember that the purchase price of the car is not the only expense you should take into account. Therefore, include in your budget after sales support and visit workshops for the maintenance of your new car.
Spare parts are an essential issue to consider. Some brands do not have warehouses in our country, and it is necessary to place orders abroad, which causes considerable expenses. Keep that in mind.

Variety of cars
Probably, you already have in mind the car model you want. However, it never hurts to review other options.
In addition to seeing if your new car will be ‘hatchback,’ sedan, SUV, sports, ‘ off the road’ or utility, take note of the use it will have. Will, it is for personal, family or work use?

Resale value
It is essential that you know the resale value that the car you have chosen will have on the market, as this will ensure your investment in the future in case you decide to sell it, from here in a few years.

Now that you know how to finance your first car making your dream come true is in your hands.

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