They need a new car, but there’s a slowdown in the bank account – only RV financing helps. The trend is so-called mobility packages – but are they really the best choice? The most important financing models at a glance.

26,800 euros – that was the average cost in 2011, according to the Center Automotive Research University of Duisburg-Essen a new car loan in Germany. For many people too much money to pay for the mobile subset cash. In 2011, according to the Aral mobility study, only 35 percent of respondents planned to pay for the new car directly on site.

Instead, vehicle financing is enjoying growing popularity. Customers can choose between different models. Use instead of owning is the motto. Classical forms such as installment purchase and leasing still play a major role, but the trend is so-called mobility packages.

But what exactly is behind the names and what advantages does the pumped mobility offer? SPIEGEL ONLINE presents the most important financing models and says who they are the right choice for.

The all-round carefree financing: mobility packages

Driving is expensive. Not only the purchase causes costs, but also the maintenance of the vehicle. For example, for a current VW Golf 1.6 TDI according to the Internet portal Auto cost check 134 euros per month for insurance, taxes and maintenance due. These items are already included in the monthly installments of so-called mobility packages. For some offers, the customer also has the option to cover the maintenance for a small additional charge.

Providers of this service are usually the banks of the automaker. But there is also this financing form, for example, in connection with a sponsorship model of the company Athletic Sport Sponsoring (ASS). For example, it offers an all-inclusive package for athletes, officials and coaches, but with a particularly short contract period of one year.

The amount of the monthly installment is generally based on the original price of the vehicle and the term. As a rule, interested parties have to reckon with costs of around 200 euros for a Smart (at ASS) and about 300 euros for a Mercedes B-Class (via the manufacturer’s bank).

Ideal for: This form of financing is ideal for people who want to stay flexible. On the one hand, the costs are clearly structured and manageable. On the other hand threatens a professional change such as job loss no lengthy financial burden, because the terms are quite short.