Lets discuss about how to improve your bad credit:

Many people who have problems with borrowing through a negative credit BKR code or bad credit wonder how they can get rid of such a code again. That usually turns out not to be possible. However, you can take steps if you think your negative BKR code is incorrect. 

First of all, it is good to know why you can get a negative BKR code (backward coding). We mention the most common reasons:

  • You paid the repayment of your credit late. ‘Too late’ means two to four months here. This concerns credits from finance companies, banks, home shops and credit cards. (A code)
  • The payment is due and payable by a debt collection agency. (A2 code)
  • No 250 euros or more could be deducted from your bank account. (A3 code)
  • Even if a repayment arrangement has been made after the arrears have arisen, you will receive a code from the BKR. (A1 code)

What can you do?
By avoiding the above payment problems, you can of course avoid a backlog code. But what if you already have such a code? Then in principle you can not do that anymore. Only five years after the last repayment of your credit, the data will be removed from the register.

TIP: Correcting
incorrect coding Are you unjustly registered as defaulter in the books of the BKR? Then check whether an administrative error has been made. If that is the case and you can prove the error, submit a request for correction to the lender, not to the BKR. Do you not then end up at the bank or finance company? Then the BKR can mediate for you. If that also has no result, you can still contact the Disputes Committee of the BKR.

TIP: No warning received, object to
Lenders are legally obliged to inform you in advance that you will be registered with the BKR. They have to do this by sending you a warning and a warning. If that has not happened, you can lodge an objection with the Disputes Committee of the BKR. According to the Consumers’ Association, however, that does not have much chance of success. “In the event of disagreement, the administration of the bank decides and you are obliged to pass on the correct address details to the lender,” says De Bond.

Improvement on the way If you do not qualify for the above options, then you are still on the backlog. Read about buying an rv with bad credit.