No one will be surprised if we say that quick online loans have many detractors. We are aware, the option of getting money instantly causes as much interest as fear. However, from RV Loan Providers , with the experience that gives us working with this type of financial products in 23 countries, we have proposed to eliminate all the myths and urban legends that circulate them.

Quick loans lead to over-indebtedness

We must start from the basis that these loans have a slightly higher interest rate than those of credit cards and, in general, the loans granted by banks. However, in return, the delivery of money is also much faster. In RV Loan Providers , for example, you can apply for a fast online loan in a few minutes and without paperwork of any kind.

Despite what may seem, this does not entail over-indebtedness. Microloans are to cover specific incidentals, and should not be used as a means of long-term financing. For this, there are other products on the market. Therefore, throwing numbers and having clear conditions, responsibly, there should be no over-indebtedness.

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Companies give very little money

The amount of money online that can be obtained through quick credits is low due to the characteristics of the product. However, although it is normal for this figure to be reduced on the first occasion, those who are good payers are always rewarded by offering them the possibility of obtaining more cash. At RV Loan Providers , microloan customers can request more substantial amounts as they are repaid and, in the case of customers with a line of credit, the maximum withdrawal limit can be increased to € 1,000.

Fast online loans are for parties or whims

Error. These loans are designed for unforeseen events, such as a breakdown in your car, the breakage of your child’s glasses, etc. The idea is to serve as a payroll advance and then be returned when the salary is collected. We do not ask questions about what is done with the money we pay because this is the responsibility of each person, which does not mean that the events we have described are not those of their majority use.

In the end, they end up going expensive

It does not have to; everything depends on how they are used. For example, imagine you find a brand new computer on sale that is a real bargain, but at that time you do not have enough cash. But you need it. If you ask for a microloan (remember that RV Loan Providers  is the first one for free!) And you buy the computer at that moment, reduced, you keep saving money. The same applies to offers you find on the internet: trips, activities, appliances, etc. It is all about asking for an amount adjusted to what you need and knowing that you are going to return the money as soon as possible.

Of course, only if you are sure you can return the money in the future. If you think you will have difficulties, fast online loans are not your best option. Microloans, as we have mentioned, are for specific needs.

Companies that offer no est to n controlled or regulated

Completely false. The activity is carried out according to Law 22/2007, Law 34/2002, Law 34/2003, Law 16/201, Law 10/2010, Law 34/1988. Also, in our case, RV Loan Providers  operates with a European banking license, which means more security for you.

They are fraudulent

Absolutely. As we have already mentioned, fast online loans are offered in compliance with current legislation, and with RV Loan Providers  you are sure to be covered by an international group with a presence in 23 countries. However, as a preventative measure against scammers and usurers, never trust the websites of companies where your address and tax information do not appear. Also, do not do it if they contact you without knowing how or if they offer you suspiciously high amounts of cash at the first exchange.

They are credits for people without money

Their chief virtue is that they are very flexible financial products, which can be requested quickly and easily, but they are always granted after a study to assess the person’s ability to pay. That is, it is not given to those who will not be able to pay later.

They are granted to the whole world

The truth is, no. Before enjoying money through this formula, you have to make an application and determine its viability. At RV Loan Providers , to guarantee an ethical and responsible concession, we have a risk assessment department for this.

They always have opening or cancellation fees

Neither. It is illogical. Finally, if you need cash quickly because you have an unforeseen event, how are we going to force you to pay if you do not have money? In the same way, you are not charged any commission for canceling the loan.

The requirements are very high

On the contrary, the whole process can be done in a few minutes and without paperwork. In general, at least it is sufficient to provide your National Identity Document number, a current account of which you are the holder, a document that proves that you are resident in Spain, a telephone number and an email account.

They ask for the PIN code of your card

No no and no! If someone asks you, never give it to them. It would not hurt to inform the police or any competent authority about it. It is a scam to be sure.