This panorama is presented in three parts:

– The starting capital, which is the day of creation the equity of your company.
– The search for investors to strengthen your own funds.
– Loans, which will allow you to complete your financing plan if your own funds are insufficient.

Note: unlike loans, which are inherently repayable and give rise to the payment of interest, the equity is in principle recoverable only in case of transfer of the company or securities of the company. The remuneration of the sums paid then takes the form of a capital gain on the resale value. It is therefore money that stays in the company and is a guarantee for the other financiers of the company.

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Start-up capital (equity financing)

This capital will allow you to face the first expenses of the company and finance what is difficult for the banking system, including the WCR (working capital requirement).

They will also facilitate the obtaining of a bank loan because without own funds it is very difficult to obtain such a loan . As a general rule, it is accepted by the banks that own funds must represent around 30% of financial needs, except in special cases.

How much you (and your associates) can contribute to your business
  • Your personal savings
  • Employee savings plans and / or group savings plan (PEE, PERCO, PEI): know that there are opportunities for early release in case of creation / recovery by an employee or spouse.
  • L’Arce  (Assistance for the recovery and the creation of a business): paid by Pôle emploi, it consists in receiving the payment of a capital corresponding to 45% of the remainder of its rights to unemployment insurance.
  • The help of relatives  : donations of sums of money made for the benefit of a child or a grandchild are exempt from transfer duties up to a limit of 31,865 euros every 15 years.
To supplement your initial capital, if they are insufficient
  • Loan of honor : this type of loan, at zero interest-free interest, is granted to project promoters to supplement their own funds.
    Two networks are dedicated to this type of financing: Initiative and  Reseau Entreprendre. To request such a loan, your project must be well-argued and detailed. It will be presented to an accreditation committee made up of business leaders and local experts. If granted, you will receive support and sponsorship from another contractor.Obtaining a loan of honor reinforces the financial strength of your project and has a reassuring effect for your financial partners, and first and foremost for bankers. Leverageto get funding is important.

    Note: the loan of honor is obligatorily coupled with a bank loan. 
    If you do not have access to bank credit , you can get closer to Adie who can, under certain conditions, grant you an interest-free loan of up to 3,000 euros, coupled with a micro-credit (depending on the region).

    Of regional honorary ready devices can also be implemented. To identify them, contact your Regional Council or consult the National Business Support Database .

  • Personal bank loans . Ask your banker.
May be added to these sums
  • The private donations paid on a crowdfunding platform . The use of this method of financing allows you to test your market and the public reception vis-à-vis your product or service. Depending on the project, this may include unrequited donations, symbolic donations or pre-sales / pre-orders for the product or service for which the fundraising campaign was launched.
  • The prizes awarded in the framework of competition in entrepreneurship. These competitions can be national or regional. Participating in competitions can allow you, besides receiving a prize, to make you known, to train you to present your company and even to meet business partners.
  • Of grants : grants may be awarded at national level for certain profiles of entrepreneurs such as Cap youth , or innovative projects as theTech Stock Exchange , the device PRI feasibility or AFI for example.It may also be regional or local schemes set up by local authorities to encourage the creation of businesses on their territory.

    To identify them, consult the National Business Support Database .