Although the requirements for requesting a personal loan are not identical in traditional banking and modern financial institutions that operate one hundred percent online, in either case, you will have to meet a series of conditions for your application to be accepted. The difference between one and the other is that while the banks of a lifetime are much more demanding with the information they ask to assess your solvency, new lenders, such as Currency Now, can study your application without paperwork, or annoying visits to a physical office.

While it is true that you can apply for a quick online loan with ASNEF or any other list of defaulters, it is also true that your application will not be approved if there are doubts about your ability to be responsible with your credit agreement. That is why it is essential to know the application requirements, which may be different in each financial company.

Requirements to apply for a personal loan

The requirements for requesting a personal loan are, as a rule, considerably less than those required to grant a mortgage loan. Not in vain, in the first case it is a smaller amount of money and, therefore, to repay in a much shorter time than a mortgage. In the case of a personal loan, the requirements to fulfill so that at least your application is studied are the following:

Be of legal age and resident in the USA. If you are over 18 years old, you can at least make your loan application. You will also have to indicate in your application your address in USA since only residents can opt for a loan in the USA

Have DNI in force. It is necessary to have a National Identity Document or NIE, and of course that it is valid; that is not expired Both traditional banks, and online lenders will ask for a copy of it.
Be the holder of an online bank account. In this the loan money will be deposited, if your request has been finally approved. Keep in mind that the process is 100% online and it is necessary that you have access to your online banking.

Indicate a mobile phone and e-mail address. We will let you know if your loan is approved or not through these two channels, so you should be aware of the confirmation via mobile and by email. Also, if your credit is finally accepted, we will send you the loan contract by e-mail so you can read it and sign it.

Having solvency. It is true that you can apply for loans without payroll as such, but you will need some income such as unemployment benefit or other assistance, a pension or some proof of income as a self-employed worker. On the other hand, if you have a fixed contract or regular income, you will also have the opportunity to indicate it in your application.