The main difference is that the procedures through which to reach the desired money are online, and this implies an immediacy, simplicity and convenience that does not allow comparison with the one demanded by the banking of a lifetime for its financing. Moreover, lenders require a much smaller amount of documents and papers than banks, which can be sent scanned. We are talking, therefore, to get a loan without leaving home, something unthinkable years ago. The minimum requirements to start with the application are the presentation of the valid DNI, the data of an own bank account where recurrent and sufficient income is credited, a residence certificate in Spain, a telephone number and an e-mail account of their own and , finally, be of legal age. If we take into account that urgent loans are products designed to cover unforeseen needs of money, the available amounts are usually not high. As a consequence, the return periods will not be too long, but not demanding either.

Loans in the day very urgent

We must keep in mind at this stage of the business, that in the sector there are already many credit institutions operating in Spain and, therefore, it is inappropriate to generalize about their policies of action, given that they may vary in certain aspects. Notwithstanding this, it can be guaranteed that some companies do not require the applicant to explain why they need the money or the disclosure of the destination of their investment, which is not the case with banks.

Finally, we will always keep in mind, as applicants for a quick online credit, that the product we are looking for is used to alleviate an unexpected economic emergency, and not to finance a high-cost whim. The responsibility is key in the good profit of this resource, which can turn us into debtors or defaulters if we do not act with care and analysis before making a decision.

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