Although their demand has decreased about SUVs, they are an alternative that provides comfort and safety, especially for large families.

MPV cars are trendy due to their size. Although they do not have a modern design as other segments, their great benefit is practicality, since it offers the possibility of moving the whole family comfortably, especially if you need the seven seats.

If you are planning on buying a minivan, we give you some tips that will help you make the right decision. And do not forget that if you have good car insurance like Zurich, you will have the protection you need most: third parties, full third parties or all risks. In addition, you will have custom-made insurance broadening the coverage that most interests you thank to the optional coverages. Meet our new product.

What is a minivan car?

It is a vehicle where the engine, interior and trunk are in the same volume. They have a rounded shape, with few angles, do not have great height or large tires or with the rear doors that can be as attractive as in the compact but practicality is the premise in these cars.

In general, they are diesel although there are models with gasoline engines. Perhaps you are interested in reading our article on gasoline or diesel?

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Why choose it?

These vehicles seek the highest possible comfort. They have an extensive interior design compared to its exterior dimensions. For example, you can advance the driver’s position to go more upright, as in a chair. This not just enables you to take a stretched posture and occupy fewer centimeters in length, but it leaves more space and guarantees greater comfort.

Another essential feature of minivans is their safety. They usually have a lane change assistant, automatic road lights .., among other advantages. Likewise, its sliding doors are handy for children and the elderly or with disabilities.

Which to choose? Small, medium or large minivan

It will depend not only on the budget but on the use that you are going to give it. In case the trips are mainly in the city, the best option is a small model. But if the transfers will be mostly intercity or long distances, it is better to opt for the larger ones.

At the time of choosing, it is essential to make a thorough comparison, looking at the price in detail, because although prices have decreased due to the decrease in the demand for this type of car, the equipment can increase the final bill, especially in the models premium

Top 5 best minivan five seats

Although everything will depend on the tastes and budget, there are some reasons why some models stand out:

Ford B Max. It is a compact model, or small minivan, with five doors and the same number of seats. It has a competitive price and is recommended for families of four members. For travelers, it has a medium sized luggage compartment but easy mobility in the city.

Ford C Max. Like the previous one, it stands out for its adjusted price, although it is a little wider. It has good behavior on the road with a right balance in the corners and better driving feel.
Citroën C4 Picasso. It is a practical, economical and spacious model, which has a good acceptance in the market. It has an excellent technological deployment, with a multifunction touchscreen to integrate the controls and controls. Being a large MPV, the sensation of spaciousness stands out. Also, the cost of its maintenance is low.

Toyota Verso It is a moderately compact car, which can carry up to seven seats even if it is included in the comparison of minivans of five. Its design and materials are a reflection of durability. Its quality, equipment, and price make it competitive. Although the brand has focused on its hybrid models, this version does not have that technology.

BMW i3. A luxury model Although it is of premium category and is not within reach of any budget, it is an electric car that has many advantages for its use in the city. It is very silent; its finishes are of excellent quality, it has many technological features …

The best seven-seat minivan

If you are looking for a good relationship between quality and price and the best people carrier in 7 seats, here are some suggestions that offer you the best advantages.

Renault Grand Scenic. In addition to having cutting-edge technology, its appearance is modern and striking. It is more original and innovative than other models in this range. It measures 4.63 centimeters in length and has a presence more than SUV; They highlight their 20-inch wheels.
Volkswagen Touran. In case you have a larger budget, this version has a quality that nothing can envy the Premium category. It is a winning choice. Emphasizes its trunk of 734 liters, folding the third row, and also integrates the modular platform MQB Volkswagen group, which among other advantages, reduces the weight of the vehicle, which increases the efficiency of the engine.

Finding the best MPV 2017 is a decision in which you must intervene in quality analysis, budget, use, number of people to transport … But whatever the vehicle you decide, always remember to have car insurance to guarantee travel assistance, third-party coverage, and full risk protection, among other advantages: it will help you save time and money, and it will allow you to drive always with peace of mind.