Buying a truck is not an innocuous act, much less obvious in any case than the purchase of a particular car. So you have to follow a number of steps when buying your truck . Before embarking on such an investment, whether you are a private or professional buyer, it is first necessary to think carefully about the meaning and the use you want to give to this much sought-after vehicle, be it a utility model , a public transit bus , or a “hard and soft” truck.

The basic qualities of a truck

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el compadre trucks

It is indeed important to know which category of model, by nature, would fit you best.Know what are the technical abilities of a particular van, carrier or tractor in terms of cabin, driving comfort,   safety, and especially in the transport of loads and goods. Should the truck you want be of light , medium or heavy weight? What type of chassis are you looking for exactly? The chassis is indeed the architectural base of a truck. It is of paramount importance. Before making your choice, it will be necessary to check carefully its good working condition, and estimate if it can meet your transport missions.

The choice in relation to road use 

It is also essential, to choose the right truck , to define the necessary engine power and the desired cabin category , to define also and on which routes you want to drive it. Is it more for urban and regional distribution , to join your existing fleet on construction sites , or more planned for your long distance fleet ? All these prerequisites will make it possible to start your search with a lot less unknowns and to obtain results that are immediately more relevant.


Choose your second-hand truck on Agorastore

Agorastore makes it possible to enlighten you, and to accompany you in your approach of purchase. Our site has indeed a wide selection of trucks and lorries used . The referenced products are of a true diversity and a proven technicality. They are auctioned by serious and certified professionals, local and territorial actors (municipalities and agglomeration communities among others), state agencies and large companies.

The most famous truck brands are represented on the Agorastore website. Used models from Renault, Iveco, Mercedes, DAF, Scania or Volvo, on which you can bid in a few clicks. Previously, you only need to ask the seller for permission and send him your Kbis extract dated less than 3 months ago, if you are a professional buyer.

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