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An economic need has arisen, and you have decided to address it by requesting credit online, but then you doubt what interests you more: a short-term loan or a long-term loan. Many terms are used in the world of finance, and it is never easy to navigate. It is not uncommon for the same loan to have different names. Thus, we often speak of an installment loan without necessarily knowing the exact definition.

Installment loan: definition

The installment loan as a credit contract for a sum of money or any other payment means and repayable in monthly installments is defined when the contract is signed. It is also known as a personal loan or consumer credit.

With an installment loan, everything is fixed from the start. You know exactly how much you're going to pay off per month and for how long. In particular, it makes it possible to face unforeseen expenses, hence its greater ease of being obtained. Whatever the purpose of your loan application, documents will always be requested. It is impossible to borrow without bringing a minimum of documents proving your good financial health. However, it is not necessarily required to justify the purposes for which the credit is intended.

What is the installment loan used for?

The installment loan allows you to finance the project you want. Many installment loans also have their name according to their objective within financial organizations are considered ready for an auto loan, the credit works, the wedding loan, the credit surgery, the ready energy, the vacation credit, or a student loan. As we can see, the range of possibilities is very wide when resorting to an installment loan. It's the ideal credit when you need quick cash for a project.

Besides, since everything is fixed from the start, this type of loan is perfect for avoiding unpleasant surprises. Everything is done so that you have a long-term view of the total amount to be repaid. Of course, everything is fixed following your file's analysis by the financial institution to which you have recourses.

So, if you have a project requiring funds, opting for an installment loan is the best solution.