What is iqd and rcd RVs?

The RCD and IQD Rvs are an updated and customized version of rv which will enable to have great time while your journey. After a successful first edition, RV Loan Providers returns for the second year in a row.

Whether you have been on a van holiday for many years or are just curious about this way of traveling, head to Camper Van Weekend  ! Village exhibitors, animations, tests vehicles, meetings …, during two days, you will live to the rhythm of your passion.

Between picnics lunch, mechoui evening and sports and cultural activities for registered(attention limited registration on April 10 according to availability), you will have time to walk in the heart of the village exhibitor to discover the new 2019 partners manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

A new look at the van

Distributed by most major dealer networks in France, it adopts a unique point of view. New format more modern, layout chic and refined, it gives pride to the image without neglecting the content. Leaving plenty of room for lifestyle and practice, he invites you to meet long-distance travelers, to go on the roads of Macedonia in Greece, to go back in time through the history of a legendary van. or prepare the agenda of your summer. He also accompanies you in your search for the ideal van or van. Which carrier to choose? Which arrangement to prioritize according to your projects? You will find answers to all your questions in the pages of this new magazine designed and produced for you.

4×4 minivan camper van