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What Are Ricer Cars? All about the best of those:

First, we have to know what ricer cars are. Ricer cars are generally regular cars which have a lot of cosmetic modification whose appears to make it look more like a race car or a performance car, but in reality, the modification is strictly cosmetic .some of the most frequently riced out vehicles of all time are Honda’s mostly civics .ricer stands for race-inspired cosmetic enhancements.

Firstly it started to be called on Japanese cars, but now it’s called a ricer car. Other specifications of these ricer cars are big wheels and crazy paints or stickers. Most of the time, when you hear a car with loud music with their windows wide open and a subwoofer on the max before you look, you already know that will be a ricer car.

Ricer cars are modified with huge exhaust to make the sound of the car louder, large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747 and a body kit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire, clear taillights, and corner signals.A “performance intake” is a tube that feeds cold air to the engine, usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on the top of the engine). Most of the riced cars are Chevrolet cavaliers, dodge neon’s, ford focus, and Subaru Impreza.

Steps to Make Your Car Ricer

  1. If you are a true ricer than you have to make your car loud and farty. This can be accomplished by drilling or by making multiple holes in your muffler because buying an actual exhaust system will probably cost you more than the car. The reason is important because having a loud exhaust makes everyone knows how much cooler you are than them when you drive by. If you want the car to be louder than you should remove your air intake box. Many race cars run without an air filter so that it can add a lot of performance. Air filters are for softies, not hardcore enthusiasts like you.
  2. The next step is to give your car a unique appearance so that your car won’t look the same as any other car on the road. Adding a body kit or a few simple accessories will do. Your body kit should have as many vents and intakes as possible. A big wing or spoiler is a must to show that your car is fast and needs that extra downforce like a formula one car.
  3. Next comes the scissor doors these modifications that go beyond all and set your car apart from all others. Lamborghinis have scissor doors. So you must add them. Nothing beats the looks on everyone's faces when they see your doors lift towards the heavens. Secondly, you will need “underflow” and window tint. These are both things that you can use to show people how hardcore you are.You should equip your ride with nitrous oxide or NOS. Nitrous allows you to add a good amount of temporary power to your car.

If you want to make yourself a ricer car, then this is are all the things you need that are listed above.


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