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Which of the following actions has no impact on your credit score?

A credit rating is a credit score that indicates, among other things, how high the risk is that you do not pay your bills on time. A good credit rating is therefore important if, for example, you want to order products on credit. You can not turn a negative rating into something positive at the touch of a button, but you can influence your credit rating. Five tips

Which of the following is not true of credit scores?

Read the following points about your credit score (620 credit score). These tips would help you to analyze your credit score and how to improve it.

Which action can hurt your credit score?

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1. Know your credit rating

First of all you need to know where you stand and what your credit rating is now. You can view your own details by requesting a free credit report. As a result, you know which parts you can profile yourself on and which parts require improvement.

2. Deposit your annual accounts on time with the Chamber of Commerce

Annual accounts provide insight into the financial situation of your company and are therefore an important source of information for estimating debtor risks. Graydon processes all annual figures filed with the Chamber of Commerce, but this processing takes some time. The earlier you provide your figures, the sooner your credit rating is based on current data. You do not have to e-mail your annual accounts separately to Graydon, which is automatically delivered to us via the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Pay on time and check open items on disputes

Graydon receives payment experiences from suppliers. These experiences are taken into account in the credit rating – and weigh relatively heavily. It is therefore important to pay your bills on time. In addition, make sure that disputes are clearly marked with your supplier and are passed on in order to prevent incorrect display at Graydon. If disputes are not known to Graydon, they can have a negative impact on your credit rating.


4. Ensure healthy ratios

Your credit score is largely determined by a financially healthy balance sheet. When your annual figures are available, your credit score will, among other things, consider your solvency ratio, ie the ratio between equity and total assets. If companies see a lot of debts on your balance sheet, they are less inclined to grant credit. In addition, your liquidity ratios are important. These provide insight into whether your company can meet the short-term obligations.

5. Consider where you invest capital

Securing the capital of operating companies in the holding company is naturally fine. However, it is important to realize that the financial position of the operating company is being weakened. Graydon assesses per entity – and negative equity or working capital in an operating company or bad financial ratios (see the previous point) can therefore negatively affect the credit rating of that operating company.


All of the above factors will affect your credit score. But what should you do to get the approved RV loan even with bad credit? Here We Are To help!