Do you dream of going on the road with your friends or family? Without limit, you want to live holidays in complete freedom? Sofinco has designed a loan specifically for the motorhome. With this loan, you will offer the motorhome you dreamed.

Amount and duration determined Finance your motorhome project with or without input for a new or used motorhome.

With the Camping-car loan, borrow an amount of $1,500 to $100,000 over a repayment period of 12 to 120 months.

Simulate the credit that suits you
And choose the amount you need and the duration appropriate to your situation.

No bad surprises
By choosing the Motorhome Loan, you benefit from a fixed interest rate for the duration of your loan.

This fixed APR is 5.89%.

#2 No Credit Check RV Take Over Payments

no credit check rv take over payment rates easy loans

Your monthly payment is defined from the outset and does not change during the term of the loan!

#3 Bad credit RV Loan

Bad credit loans

Nomadic holidays thanks to the Motorhome Loan! Loan approval process